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Hedgehogs Productions is a site where I stick all my cartoons and the like on. They essentially came from doodles and what have you from my school days, but gradually I became more ambitious. Instead of just drawing in my exercise books, I put cartoons on my flat door. Then even more ambitious, I built a website, and started to do a proper series, Hedgehogs. From that grew Factory, based on my experiences in, well and factory. It's still the cartoon I value most, but I have since moved back to hedgehogs in Hejhox, because it looks nicer.

Elsewhere, I exercise my juices (creative) on violence and randomness with Fred East and WTF.

Pointless trivia: As the version number strongly implies, this is incarnation five of Hedgehogs websites. The first two are so poor I can't remember them. I recall them both being entirely hand coded in notepad. The first had a couple images, (a logo, maybe another) and the other was a lot more complex with a proper menubar with mouseover images, and an intricate cast image which lit up characters with a mouseover. Since, I have used Dreamweaver and the presentation of my websites has improved dramatically. I'd probably be better off, learning-wise if I did a lot more coding, but I'm lazy. You can see versions three and four in the images above.


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I'd like to thank: Jason Kingsbury, Paul Currie, Katherine Sibley, Charlotte Houghton, Benjamin Clark, Ben Parker, Andrew Quigley, Matthew Temple, Jonathan Rimmer, Vivek Paul, Darrell Whitehead, Aidan Walker, Patrice Gluck, Louisa Hendley, Robert MacDonald, Bradley Cann, Ciao Xiao Yao, Maria Bright, Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Thomas Hlaing, Caroline Patrick, Dominic Tobin, Stuart Oxton, Omar Malik, Dave Price, Mrs J. Hayman, Mr. A. J. Hall, Matthew Richards, Mark Bredius, Lee Washington and maybe one other person.

Special Thanks: Louisa Hendley (darling, beautiful girlfriend), Robert Trevethan (dude who inadvertedly started the Teachers series, and by induction started all my cartoons), Aidan Walker (a graphics god).


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