Hedgehogs Productions is not strictly limited to just Hedgehogs and Factory. There are a number of different genres under the umbrella of Hedgehogs. These namely include cartoons made for the Warwick Boar, the newspaper for the Univeristy of Warwick as well as old Wirral Grammar School cartoons and other assorted goodies.

There is no longer a specific section for each type of cartoon, but by clicking on the snap-shots of the cartoons on this page you'll be taken to the full cartoon. Enjoy.


9th June 2004: Beckham cartoon in the Boar added.


WTF! was initially created to be disliked, but in essence it found a niche which I should further service. However, WTF! is truly dead, thirteen cartoons remain.

Click on the images below to view the full cartoons.

Carrot Pear Carrot and Pear Bored I'm Sick Thinking Impossible Evil Sheep Crash
Kuuywaeill Fan Haircut Pulling My Leg          


The Warwick Boar was the newspaper at the university I attended. Thus, being graphics editor, I put forward a fair few cartoons, I reproduce them here for you to see.

Click on the snap-shots below to view the full cartoons:

Lie Dector Deayton-Leslie Trolley Strip Club Bus Van McDonalds Cadbury's Beckham


Everything else. Basically some WGS cartoons and some random university cartoons.

Again, click on the clips below to see the full image:

Vampire Mirror Octopussy Octopussy 2 Carjackers Banana Peel Apple Royalty Portnoy
Dancing Turtles                

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