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Hedgehogs Productions is home to two main distinct cartoons: Hedgehogs and Factory. Hedgehogs has since evolved into Hejhox, and Factory is currently morphing into Material Misstatement. Cartoons for the original Hedgehogs and Factory series are still contained in the archives of this site. You can get to them through the navigation bar by the latest comic on the home page.

Below, we go through some fundamental features of each series. The cartoons are not particularly deep, hence you don't really need to read this to understand the jokes, this is simply here for completist's sake.

In addition, you'll find other temporary projects in the More Cartoons section. These series weren't particularly fully committed, and given their intermitent nature are left separate, but there still is a wealth of cartoons hidden there.



Following the 'lives' of a group of auditors. Material Misstatement is a slight spin-off of factory, in that the start of the series is set back in Factory land. Check out Factory for more information.

Announced Characters:

Boss dude: Maybe the same guy from the factory? Yeah.
Associate numero one:
Associate numero two.:


Hejhox is my newest hedgehogs project. I returned to it simply because Hedgehogs looks so much neater than Factory, and because hedgehogs are cool. It is essentially the same as the original Hedghehogs, but I've trimmed some of the fat, and made it more colourful.

Surviving Characters:

Harry: The stupid, funny character from the original series. He looks and acts pretty much the same as before.
Sammy: The evil manipulative one from the original series. Still pretty much the same character. Slightly more cynical, but with weakness added. He looks similar to before, but his colour is more desaturated and plain looking. Complete with slicked spines.
Squidge: The drunken one from the previous incarnations. What we see in the new Hejhox is that Squidge is a broken genius. Squidge looks after Harry but isn't too interested in looking after himself


Factory is probably my best cartoon series. It was formulated from my past experiences in a certain factory.

Main Characters:

The Boss (Robert Lucas): Likes to see certain rules applied to the extreme yet other, seemingly more important ones, not so. He actively invites company problems. His employees don't have much respect for him as his incompetence is all too apparent.
Jen (Jennifer-Maria Davenport): Though fairly new to the company, Jen is a popular member of the crew with the other workers. But unlike most she has (or at least appears have) a going concern for the company and its health problems.
Mike (Mike Wilkinson): One of the more intelligent "old guard". He knows where the company bends the rules and where it completely breaks them. Nothing really bothers him though is inquisitive in the light of the more baffling management decisions.
The Temp (Generic Character): The temp is the one that gets treated like dirt even though they are the ones that actually get anything done. Usually lacking in intelligence, they obey their supervisors' commands, although only if they're looking.


In sum, the interactions of a group of hedgehogs. There isn't a back story as such, basically a kind of random gag cartoon affair with hedgehogs. That can't be a bad thing right?


Harry Drater: The village idiot. Harry is not the brightest and for that reason is usually the butt of many jokes. Although he lacks brains, he has a heart of gold and is selfless; he rarely does anything without good intentions. He trusts everyone blindly and this trust is frequently exploited by Sammy.
Sammy Taylor: Named after my hedgehog teddy he is the evil, manipulative hedgehog of the bunch. He is a schemer and a creative genius. He prefers to take the backseat and watch his pawns in action. He is ruthless and show no remorse for his actions.
Squidge: Alcoholic. He originally turned to alcohol as an escape route but now he can't remember from what. Now alcohol is his life. Squidge was a fringe character in the first two series and really makes his mark in the third series.
Spike: Although originally intended as the main character, he has gradually faded out of the limelight. He is a kind hedgehog, one who looks after his mates. He has aspirations to be a scientist.
Daisy: She, like Spike, is one the kinder hedgehogs. She doesn't like Sammy's exploitation of Harry. She has sympathy Sammy's and Squidge's 'problems' and actively tries to help them out. She is also paranoid.
The Pub Landlord: Unsurprisingly, the Pub Landlord is one of Squidge's best friends. Essentially a supporting character the Landlord knows his clients inside out and is not afraid to take matters into his own hands when the wellfare of his business is at stake.

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